Testimonials from clients

Colin (from Edgewater)

Colin hadn't used homoeopathy before. Suffering from symptoms of shock after the sudden death of his wife he decided to try it and came to my clinic. Thanks for sharing this Colin.

Dear Debbie,

I wish you to know that since the very sudden demise of my wife Barbara, after 49 years and 11 months of marriage, you have helped me and my family cope with the shock and grief that followed. You provided help in the initial stages after one of my daughter's brought you and homoeopathic medicine to my attention.

Just being able to discuss with you my symptoms and feelings has been a real comfort and help to me. Many thanks for your ongoing help, advice and medication.



Sharon (from Ocean Reef)

Sharon was surprised at how effective homoeopathy was for the treatment of her baby daughter's teething troubles. Thanks for sharing this experience Sharon.

 Dear Debbie,

Thank you so much for the help and advice that you have offered me and my family.

Having had a new baby, I knew that teething was going to be a way of life for a few months and I wasn't looking forward to it. With my other children, I had paced up and down during the day and sometimes in the middle of the night to pacify them - and that's no fun for anyone. It's horrible to see your child suffer like that and you try everything to make it better for them. I just assumed it was a stage I had to get past, as I had with my other two children. I tried all the teething gels I could and had reluctantly given my daughter baby Panadol. I am not one for taking tablets and visiting the doctor if I can avoid it, but I hated to see my little girl suffering.

I mentioned this to you in passing when you were treating one of my other children and I was very interested when you said you could provide a solution for me. I didn't know that homoeopathy covered things as basic as teething. I was wrongly under the impression that it was for more serious conditions until you explained to me that homoeopathy works on the body's natural energy force and most things can be treated.

One you had decided the remedy needed, I waited to see what would happen. I was surprised that it worked so quickly and my daughter sailed through the rest of the teething stage with no pain, no sleepless nights and thankfully no cranky behaviour. If I had known about homoeopathy and what it could treat earlier, I would have insisted that my other children be treated in this manner. It worked so well and I didn't have to keep going to the chemist to top up on medications that didn't really work for me.

I highly recommend your treatments to everyone and the consultations are carried out in a friendly, relaxed and informative way that suits anyone on any level. No jargon, just good, honest advice and prompt treatment.

Thank you once again.


Glenys (from Beldon)

Glenys hadn't heard about homoeopathy but was willing to try this gentle form of medicine to see if it could help her with her chronic asthma. As it is safe to use alongside pharmaceuticals, she was happy to try it. Thank you Glenys for your trust and for sharing your experience.

Glenys talks about Debra:

I am in my fifties and a chronic asthmatic. I have taken medication for asthma most of my life and also take preventative medication daily...that is until 2004 when Debbie started treated me homoeopathically.

For the past five years I have had no asthma attacks and do not take any preventative medication. I truly believe the homoeopathic medication has helped stimulate my body's healing mechanism and has, over time, successfully healed the asthma which I have suffered from since early childhood.

Debbie has also treated me successfully in another area. I have done typing and word processing for forty years and for the last 10 years suffered terribly with pins and needles in my hands on waking up in the morning. My diagnosis from a medical practitioner, a few years ago, was that I had carpal tunnel syndrome and both wrists would need to be operated on.

I decided to see Debbie and ask whether she could treat me homoeopathically - and then started treatment in September 2007. Although I occasionally still experience slight discomfort (but nowhere as bad as previously) I am positive with further treatment I will be cured.

While medical practitioners may be a necessity on occasion, I believe that homoeopathy can also successfully treat ailments. I have found that homoeopathy goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and lifestyle habits.

I would recommend homoeopathy treatment to anyone seeking an alternative form of healing.

Glenys Salmon (March 2009).



Wendy (from Ocean Reef)

Wendy was willing to try homoeopathy for her daughter's problems with her 'water works' once I had graduated. Thanks for your support during my studies, your trust in me and homoeopathy and for sharing this.

Wendy recommends Debra:

It is with genuine pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Debra Edwards. I have known Debra for seven years and in that time have had the great honour of seeing her hard work and enthusiasm result in her graduation as a homoeopath.

My daughter was 8 at the time of Debra's first consultation. My daughter had been suffering from urinary tract infections on and off for more than a year and the doctor gave her antibiotics to clear the infection - but this just made matters worse and resulted in thrush developing. This was more painful than the urinary tract infection, so I asked Debra if homoeopathy could help.

Debra spoke with me about my daughter's symptoms and also spoke to my daughter, which she did in a professional, calm and reassuring way. After just one treatment my daughter was no longer in pain and the infection and the thrush had disappeared.

I was amazed at how quickly the treatment worked after struggling for so long with antibiotics.

Debra is a very trustworthy, dedicated and conscientious person and I can confidently recommend her as a talented homoeopath.